Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

experience matters.

Kimberly Bolourtchi

And by that I mean, your experience needs to be passionate, joyful and rooted to desire, otherwise you’re wasting your talent.

At least, this is what I’ve learned as I’ve moved through my own life and helped so many others move through theirs.

Your experiences add up. Sometimes it’s just difficult to see how, but once you do understand the depth of your drive, you can align with the truth of who you are. And let me tell you: you are amazing.

I offer the gift of this discovery for personal and professional gain because it has literally propelled me through my own life.

My career has taken me from the dance floor to the courtroom, into high schools, colleges and a Top 20 law school. I’ve empowered myself, my clients, young girls, sassy women, brilliant young professionals and top-notch corporations to show up, stand up and rise up by harnessing passion and living on purpose.

I am able to help people move beyond the stories their life has thrown at them and help them rediscover the very things that not only make them truly special, but also the very things that connect them to the place where they long to align in their personal and professional life. This is the place where a meaningful life begins to take shape, where boundaries can be pushed, where authority can be challenged, where rules can be broken in order to help you find true freedom within your calling.

I utilize every ounce of my background to help my clients succeed. Wondering what that means? It means my expertise—

  • As a lawyer in both big and boutique firms helps me listen closely, digest the facts and articulate winning arguments rooted in truth from a place of non-judgement.

  • As a professional Latin dancer helps me teach people how to move out of their head and into their bodies, how to go with the flow and source energy from the ground up.

  • As the Director of Leadership and Professional Development for Washington University School of Law, a top 20 school, has empowered me to help young professionals establish solid connections with companies who are a solid fit for their future.

  • As an author enables me to communicate, with ease and clarity, all the ways you can open the door to your own success.

  • As the founder of Project Be Confident, a program that helped young girls find their strengths and their voices and communicate powerfully under pressure, helps me quickly identify a person’s natural gifts, strengths and talents and reflect them back so you can truly see all that you came here to be.

  • And as a mom to two amazing children and a wife to one amazing man continues to remind me about the power of love and support that we all need in order to thrive-it’s immeasurable, that’s for sure.

We all have a story that is constantly evolving, constantly presenting us with opportunities to live the extraordinary life we came here to live. I can’t wait to help you step into yours and work your truth once and for all.