Move into Power!

I love to dance, and I love to teach. When someone steps into my class, they are saying yes to experiencing a type of freedom in their bodies and minds they usually don’t know exists.  But first, they lower any performance expectations with these types of disclaimers: “I can’t dance,” “I have no rhythm” or “I have two left feet.”  

There is a lot of fear around the idea of dancing.  People worry about tripping over their own feet, not being able to “do” the choreography, or going left when the class is going right.  Unless you are a trained dancer, the suggestion that you move freely to music you haven’t heard before and do steps you have never seen can feel terrifying.  No one wants to subject themselves to the possibility of ridicule. I get that.

Some people look at professional dancers, and think that if they can’t move like that, it isn’t even worth trying. Others dance privately, feeling the freedom of letting go to an awesome song but freezing at the possibility that someone might see.  Still others have never tried, convincing themselves that they lack the skill, musicality, or talent needed to accomplish even basic steps. Some tell me they are too old, or that it is inappropriate for them to dance. Others got feedback at some point in their lives that they weren’t “good,” or felt embarrassed when they did try.  

Regardless of what the reason is for believing you “can’t” dance, if you won’t dance it is likely because you are afraid of sucking at it, being seen, and being judged.  Admittedly, this is a powerful deterrent.  

I used to try to talk people out of their fear.  I would give them all the reasons why they didn’t need to be afraid in my class (everyone is super friendly, no one is watching, no one cares what steps you are doing, you do not need to know how to dance, and so on).  I have come to realize that despite my best intentions, it is up to you to decide to get over it, or not.  Knowing you are a little freaked out and being willing to act anyway is extremely empowering.

Dance is the most soul-liberating tool I know.  Hundreds of people claiming they “can’t dance” and “can’t move” have experienced transformation in my classes and retreats as they learn to let go, express themselves more freely, and not give a shit what people think.  Putting power and expression in your body translates into authentic confidence in life.  You can't "think" your way into confident expression- you have to feel it to own it and this is why I dance.

While I respect anyone’s choice not to dance, call it what it is and say you won’t dance, not that you can’t dance.  You CAN.

So, if you are worried about looking stupid, know that pretty much everyone else is too.  Dance anyway.