Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

thoughts matter.

I knew what I was doing. I just didn't know WHY.

I knew what I was doing.

I had my priorities in order, I went after what I wanted, and I worked really hard to build a life that meant something.

I felt guilty about not being more fulfilled. I told myself I should be. I had every reason to be. Still, I had a feeling that I was missing the mark ever so slightly.

Plagued by feelings of I'm "not doing enough"- I tried harder. I tried harder to be amazing as a Mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I tried harder to create great classes and programming, and to connect with people to make a difference in every way I could. I truly want to help people feel more authentically powerful.

I knew WHAT I was doing, and I tried to do it lots of different ways. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. I tried harder.

What I didn't know, though, was WHY I cared about it so much. I assumed it was because I'm good at it and care about other people. That's true, but not the reason. I'll be sharing my story on April 15th.

Your WHY is the inspiration behind what matters to you most. There is a reason, a driving purpose, that motivates you on the deepest level. You have ONE WHY, and a gazillion ways to live it.

When you know your WHY- you can make choices every single day that allow you to show up as your best self. This is huge. It takes the "trying so darn hard" away because you know. You are not guessing. I had no idea how much guessing I was doing, or how exhausting it was.

I no longer create programs that I "think" I should do and cross my fingers that people show up, or take a project because it "seems like a good idea" without checking to see if it lines up with my WHY and Hows.

I know my WHY, I know HOW I work best, and I am able to intentionally make choices that line up with those two things.

I can't remember the last time I worried about "being enough" or "doing enough." It feels really good to trust my choices, and to have an unwavering check point to come back to every time I need to decide what is next.

In the workshop I am leading on April 15th, I will guide you to discover your WHY, and then help you come up with actionable steps for HOW to implement it into your life.

One side note: I've been to workshops where I leave inspired but with no idea what to do next.... this is NOT that workshop. If you are prepared to dig in with me, you will walk away with a draft of your WHY, and a handful of meaningful, actionable steps.

If you are ready for clarity and meaningful change in your life, career, or relationships, join me on April 15th. You will walk away knowing your unique WHY. It changes everything.

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