Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

thoughts matter.

Winning Matters.

I like to win. I've ALWAYS liked to win. This is not a bad thing. Judge if you want but if you are being honest, you know you like to win too. When people say "winning doesn't matter," I call BS. OF COURSE it matters.

And. I'm noticing more and more that my "winning" stories have very little to do with the person I have become as compared with the stories where I struggle, look foolish, feel incompetent, and fall flat on my ass.

While I'd much rather talk about the obvious wins, I am appreciating more and more how those stories where I feel pain, humiliation and anguish in abject failure are far better examples of what winning really is. 

Using every bit of strength you can muster to get back up and keep going- this is winning. Showing up when you'd rather hide- this is winning. Failing and realizing you are simply human and deserve grace- this is winning. 

If we are able to show up in every experience, be fully present and learn something from it without needing to label it good or bad- we are always winning. And I like to win.