Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

thoughts matter.

Confidence means What?

The messages girls and women receive about confidence, along with how to build it, are seriously messed up.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been criticized for lacking confidence or if you ever hesitated to speak up under pressure, go for a promotion or take a substantial risk. Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever been told to fake it until you make it. Did that get you moving? Or was it merely another concession that you lacked the confidence you needed to own your power?

If you’re like many women you defer, sit back, wait, simmer, fantasize, dream, even plan… but when push comes to shove, you are often stuck in a place of inaction for fear of looking incompetent or being judged inadequate.

Deep in your heart, you know confidence is the key to everything desirable, yet throughout your life you are bombarded with messages that try to convince you that you are pretty much screwed out of having enough confidence to make a difference. You want to feel empowered and confident, but that feels elusive and inaccessible. Like someone out there knows the secret, but they won’t tell you what it is.

Buying into this is a huge mistake. I’ll tell you what they don’t want you to know: everything you need already exists within you at this very moment.

The truth is: You are entitled to be confident right now. The external measures of success, popularity, beauty, intelligence and desirability are ever-changing. If you are looking outside of yourself as the measure of your worth, it is almost impossible to be enough. No one but you gets to weigh in on this one.

Confidence comes from believing in yourself and honoring your unique abilities, gifts and talents. It allows you to move toward things you want, and away from those you don’t. Whether anyone is watching or not.

You just have to look inside to find it. You are so busy obsessing over what you wish you were more of that you are often completely blind to the inherent power that lies within.

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