Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

thoughts matter.

Ladies Doing It for Themselves

On Saturday night, five incredible ladies from my Ballroom Fitness class got up and performed a sassy, sexy Cha Cha routine at our studio showcase. It was one of the most complicated routines I’ve choreographed, and to make matters even more interesting, they had just four weeks to learn and polish it. Two more amazing ladies learned the dance, and even though they were unable to perform this time around, they continued to practice until they owned it.

 In our early practices, I could read the trepidation in their eyes. “What the hell did I agree to? What if I can’t do this?” At times, this usually boisterous group of ladies would be silent as they struggled with the steps and their nerves. I allowed them to struggle, as this is part of a true dancer’s journey. The confidence to walk on stage is not gained through shortcuts or platitudes. You have to find it within. It’s not always comfortable.

 The truth is: getting up in front of an audience is hard. Regardless of what you are doing when you get up there. I don’t care how many times you have done it- or how much of a pro you are. There is a moment where your mouth goes dry, or you think you have to pee when you don’t, or your knees get weak – perhaps as you realize you are about to be utterly vulnerable and subject to judgment. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are. You know you have no control over how it will be received. That is scary as hell.

 Until. Until you learn that YOUR intention in getting up there, and more specifically what it is you are about to share and why you care about sharing it- is the only thing that can matter to you in that moment.

Knowing that YOU have something special and unique to share and focusing on your excitement to do just that is the way to combat your fear. It is the key to really connecting - to your own joy, and to your audience. This is the reason I challenged my students, and then guided them here. Dancing with me is never just about dance. Because when you can find the courage to show up and shine, you can do anything.

 On Saturday night, five ladies danced from the place within that no one can touch. They let their inner goddesses shine, with an energy and passion that was palpable to everyone in the room. The routine was great, no doubt, but the intention to dance with pure joy and to share that with the audience was what moved us all.