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thoughts matter.

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3 Steps to Holding Your Power

It’s not like you intend to let other people influence your decisions, and ultimately, your life’s path. But it happens more often than you realize. You start to give your power away, little by little, until you realize you feel utterly stuck. Learn how to hold onto your power and live life on your own terms- starting right now.

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The day I learned I was invisible.

I will never forget the day it happened - in part because I was totally unprepared for the possibility that I was insignificant. I had been told to work hard, do well, and show up for important moments. No one ever told me that HOW I showed up would make the difference between being seen and heard, or being, well, invisible. Another person at the table who could just as easily have been somewhere else.

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Confidence means What?

The messages girls and women receive about confidence, along with how to build it, are seriously messed up. Deep in your heart, you know confidence is the key to everything desirable, yet throughout your life you are bombarded with messages that try to convince you that you are pretty much screwed out of having enough confidence to make a difference. You want to feel empowered and confident, but it feels elusive and inaccessible. Like someone out there knows the secret, but they won’t tell you what it is.

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