The Winning Interview- Everything you Need to Nail it!

The Winning Interview- Everything you Need to Nail it!


If you want to set yourself apart in the interview process and SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of landing meaningful work, our comprehensive interview strategy is proven to make a difference.

The Winning Interview program includes 3 one-on-one sessions with Kim:

  • Discover Inspiration (figure out your Why- this is CRITICAL!)

  • Create a Winning Professional Pitch

  • Do a Mock Interview and get candid Feedback

    Also included:

  • Complimentary copies of Kim’s newest book, “Truly Inspired: Secrets for Extraordinary Success at Work,” and ebooks “How to BE Really Impressive” and “A Winning Professional Pitch”

  • Send Kim a photo of your proposed interview attire (or show her in person)

  • Ask strategy questions, and get expert input on things you are worried about anything on your mind.

    “Kim Bolourtchi changed my life. I have direction, a sense of who I am and where I can best contribute, and a freaking AMAZING new job.”

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