Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

trust matters.


Corporate Endorsements

Thank you for what you are doing. It has been profoundly helpful and I would STRONGLY recommend you to anyone who is trying to grow in both productivity and impact.



Kim Bolourtchi's presentation on "Selling from WHY" was amazing. I never realized that small things could make such a big difference.  Thank you for giving our team practical tips we can actually use.

brett cofman, ceo of the bindel


Kim got our entire operation aligned and working as a cohesive team in record time. Our values are alive in our business every day, our employees are excited to show up and make an impact, and our customers are commenting on the difference they see in our facility. Everyone loved working with Kim- and the results she delivered are incredible.

-Kirsti pratt, general manager ultimate ninjas

Professional Reviews

Your guidance made a huge impression on me— and allowed me to shift my focus to the work I actually care about. I’m on track to do something I love thanks to you!

-natalie lewis


Your feedback on how to share my story and connect under pressure was invaluable. I can honestly say I am so much more confident after speaking with you.

-tamara prevatt


Your help preparing for my firm interview last semester was invaluable.  You really altered my thinking about the entire interview and job search/application process. I am so glad to have been able to work with you.

-cora allen


You have been invaluable to me this year. I cannot thank you enough for helping to alleviate my anxieties throughout various stages in this process. I appreciate your genuineness and honesty.

-alyssa sharp

Kimberly’s fresh and unique approach to communicating with more confidence is a huge asset to any woman in business. I notice myself being more self-aware of the verbal and non-verbal messages I’m sending in all kinds of different settings. Her fun, innovative, and interactive approach makes learning how to be more confident enjoyable and engaging. She’s an outstanding presenter with a one of a kind message.

-Jill Farmer, Jill Farmer Coaching

Personal Empowerment

I kept trying to please everyone else by following a certain path. Kim helped me figure out what inspires ME, and the rest is history. I have changed directions and for the first time, I feel confident in making decisions that impact my future.

-erika robertson

You have had such a positive impact on me and so many others.

-paul wille