Kim Bolourtchi
work your truth


The truth is:

you matter.


When you learn how to source your own power, you become extraordinary.

You are amazing and unique. You have strengths, gifts and talents that allow you to make a positive impact. The question is- are YOU feeling powerful and really showing up?

If your honest answer is anything less than a wholehearted “YES”- please don’t settle. You deserve to be recognized, and I’ve got your back. Join me for online for Power Presence.

Power Presence is a course that should be mandatory for life. There’s nothing more empowering than understanding how to use and move your body in a way that reflects your inherent truth and power. Kim’s lessons and guidance are interesting and engaging from start to finish. This course is a true game-changer! I loved every second of it.” -Tracey Selingo


personally extraordinary

Learn how to source your power from the inside out. Learn how to move, effortlessly. Learn how to navigate, intentionally. Learn how to be fully, wholly, you.

professionally extraordinary

Discover the most important threads of your life, the fuel within your purpose. Discover how to effectively connect, communicate and carry yourself to success right now.

collectively extraordinary

Amplify your organization’s power through inspired motivation, strategically-aligned service and powerful presence. Deep connection. Deliberate action.

I have avoided public speaking my entire life. I wouldn’t even give a toast at my sister’s wedding. Today, the impossible happened. I presented to a packed house at work, and was told I looked and sounded like a “pro.” Would never have happened without Power Presence.
— Ann Howe